I welcome and appreciate all reviews given to all my respective books by my readers. I encourage you to kindly leave a review of any of my books you’ve read. Thank you!

  • Xenia Iwasykiw, Librarian, United Nations International School, New York.

     “The Rock & Roll Rolex; This is exactly the type of book that we want for our library!”

  • Suzan Platt, from Amazon reviews

    Amina’s Choice; Loved this book! Great to share with my third grade classroom. The author did an author’s visit to our school to showcase her other books and the kids loved it. Highly recommend!”

  • Josephine Karungi, Journalist & Blogger

    Tendo’s Wish; The story the author tells is for everyone who knows that children need to grow up knowing about kindness and appreciating the ripple effects of a helping hand. I hope that is all of us.” 

  • Karen, from Amazon reviews

    I Know An Old Mzee…;As a librarian at a school in East Africa, I was delighted with every page turn. The author livened up the old song with local references and humour. Any one who is living in Africa, or wanting to imagine living in Africa will enjoy this read.”

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