Tendo’s Wish

A simple act of kindness is passed through a Ugandan village with surprising results at the end of the day for Tendo. Tendo’s Wish is a circle-story about community with a pay it forward feel that will be enjoyed by the whole family. The repetition and rhythm of the story makes this book a great read-aloud for children; furthermore, the humorous illustration and collage style design of the book takes readers through a village setting in Uganda. It is an interesting way to introduce children to the geography and community culture of Uganda, and the simple jobs that people do in rural areas. A map, glossary and interesting facts at the back of the book give further insight into rural life in Uganda and Africa as a whole.

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1. Josephine Karungi, Journalist & Blogger

The story the author tells is for everyone who knows that children need to grow up knowing about kindness and appreciating the ripple effects of a helping hand. I hope that is all of us.

2. Sanaa Gateja, Mixed Media Artist

The art work depicts exciting encounters revealing intrinsic beauty in people and the environment which the artist seems to understand so well.

3. Els De Temmerman, Author

Tendo’s Wish is a beautiful story of a boy who finds his dream come true. It shows that a small act of kindness may trigger a series of events that may make the world a better place. I highly recommend this book for all children, not only in Uganda, but the world over.

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