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The Rock and Roll Rolex

A freshly made Ugandan rolex takes flight for an unexpected journey! The Rock and Roll Rolex is a humorous tale with clever wordplay on the musical phrase 'rock and roll'. It is a book for the whole family to enjoy and especially while eating a rolex!


1. "A delightful story that children of all ages will enjoy "

-Oscar Ranzo - Author

2. "It's a wildly edu-taining story and every child who reads it will be laughing at the adventure the characters get sucked into "

-Ruth Adong Olango - Journalist

3. "The Rolex mystery wets your apetite "

-Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo - Stand up comedian

Amina’s Choice

When Amina's father decides to leave the village to work in the city, Amina's quiet life is turned upside down. Amina now faces difficult choices- how to both obey her father and still follow her dream!


1. "I recommend this book to be read in all our schools in Africa, especially in Uganda. The ending is so positively encouraging"

-Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe, Order of The Sacred Heart

2. "I was rooting for Amina and I found her story courageous and empowering not just for an adult like me who grew up in such a world but for many other children who strive to find their voice "

-Dr. Rose Clarke Nanyonga, Vice Chancellor, International health Sciences University

3. "I loved the Kwanjula and how Amina's backward weaving saved the day "

-Eseza Kyama - S 1 student - Kings College Buddo

Tendo’s Wish

A simple act of kindness is passed through a Ugandan village with surprising results at the end of the day for Tendo. Tendo's Wish is a circle-story about community with a pay it forward feel that will be enjoyed by the whole family. The repetition and rhythm of the story makes this book a great read-aloud for children; furthermore, the humorous illustration and collage style design of the book takes readers through a village setting in Uganda. It is an interesting way to introduce children to the geography and community culture of Uganda, and the simple jobs that people do in rural areas. A map, glossary and interesting facts at the back of the book give further insight into rural life in Uganda and Africa as a whole.


1. "The story the author tells is for everyone who knows that children need to grow up knowing about kindness and appreciating the ripple effects of a helping hand. I hope that is all of us."

-Josephine Karungi, Journalist & Blogger

2. "The art work depicts exciting encounters revealing intrinsic beauty in people and the environment which the artist seems to understand so well."

-Sanaa Gateja, Mixed Media Artist

3. "Tendo's Wish is a beautiful story of a boy who finds his dream come true. It shows that a small act of kindness may trigger a series of events that may make the world a better place. I highly recommend this book for all children, not only in Uganda, but the world over."

-Els De Temmerman, Author

I Know An Old Mzee Who Swallowed A Fly

I Know An Old Mzee Who Swallowed A Fly is a classic folk poem, retold in Uganda. The repetition and rhythm of the story makes this book a great read-aloud for children; furthermore, the striking illustration and collage style design of the book takes readers through a variety of landscapes and encounters with animals found in Uganda. It is an interesting way to introduce children to the geography and culture of this country in the heart of Africa. More indepth maps at the back of the book give further insight on one of Uganda's most prominent features, the Nile River, as its begins its journey north to Egypt.


1. "This highly entertaining book helps children to appreciate the rich biodiversity we have in Uganda and the importance of coexisting with wildlife while promoting cross-cultural learning as it appeals to both African and Western cultures."

-Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, The African Vet , Founder/CEO - Conservation Through Public Health, Uganda

2. "A powerful retelling of an American narrative classic with a Ugandan flavor. The force of rhythm and performative potential makes this book magic for kids and adults! "

-Okaka Opio Dokotum (Ph.D.), Head, Literature Department, Kyambogo University, Uganda.

3. "This is exactly the type of book that we want for our library!"

-Xenia Iwasykiw, Librarian, United Nations International School, New York.

Winner of the 2013 Silver Moonbeam Award for Best Multi-Cultural book!

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1, 2, 3 Good Morning!

Follow Pipi and Cheche through their day.

Count the objects or actions 1 to 10 for the fi rst half of the day.

Then count in reverse 10 to 1 for the second half of the day!

Dedicated to the real Pipi, Cheche and Kiki from Faith and to Maxwell from Cathy.



A, B, C Surprise!

Join 26 pupils, Akiki to Ziwa walking to school.

Walk along with them as they carry different objects to surprise their teacher.

From Cathy - Dedicated to Patricia and Alfred

 From Faith - Dedicated to Kiki, JJ and their Mama Miya



Something Old, Something New

Joseph’s oversized school uniform begins this Ugandan adaption of a favorite Jewish folktale.

As both Joseph and his Grandfather grow older, that shirt transforms into many objects to help Joseph navigate school life. Readers will enjoy guessing what object a very innovative

Grandfather will make next! Joseph then retells the tale in a creative way.

A book for all the family to enjoy.

Sharing good news! We won Silver in this contest!


1. “An excellent read-aloud, song and discussion starter! My music students in Minnesota loved how Joseph wrote a song from his own life experiences. They enjoyed discovering things they have in common with children on the other side of the world.”

-LeAnn Mansour - Music Teacher

2. “As a professional tailor in Uganda, I love the values in this story. We tailor’s experience solving these dilemmas everyday. The empowerment Grandfather gave to Joseph with each item is priceless.”

-Naigwe Fiona Kyama - Award winning Fashion Designer

3. “We really like this book because it’s all about recycling!”

–Koraeny and Chelema Mwanga, 8 & 10 year olds.

4. “I love all your stories but this is my favourite. I look forward to many more.”

-Elizabeth Ochieng Onayemi, IB English/Literature Teacher.

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