The Rock and Roll Rolex

The Rock and Roll Rolex

This book is a play on the musical phrase ‘rock and roll’ verses the words ‘rock’ and ‘rolling’  The rolex is hit by a rock, rolls down the hill and rolls up the rock again only to be caught by Ochan the Rolex man.

Lesson ideas:

Vocabulary: Another play on words: Rolex food vs Rolex watch:

The Rolex is an inexpensive Ugandan street food specialty.  It consists of a chapati with scrambled eggs mixed with cabbage, tomato, and onion rolled inside.

Some say the name came from misunderstanding street vendors yelling: “Rolled Eggs!”  Which became Rol-Ex and a play on the famous expensive watch brand.  The rolex is made fresh while you wait.

Science: This is a book about reactions.  There is the scientific physics related reaction of the trajectory the rolex takes: the amount of force to send it through the sky and the amount of mass to make it roll down the hill.  Have students think about reactions, force vs weight and mass.

Human Curiosity: There is the human curiosity reaction of all the animals and humans chasing the rolex.  The moral of the story is “Think before you follow: the one in front may not know where they are going either”.  

With this area one can talk about any type of following mindlessly:  online likes because your friends have ‘liked’ something also, bullying in the playground, following a click at school.  Standing out from the crowd can be lonely but it builds character.

Cooking:  the recipe at the back can be made as a fun cooking activity.  

Rolex Recipe: make the chapati ahead of time.  Click here for the recipe page from the book.


Mix together: 2 cups flour (500ml), 1/2 tsp salt (2.5ml)

Add together separately: 2 Tbsp oil (30 ml), ¾ cup warm water (185 ml)

Add water to flour and blend together until a soft ball forms that is not too sticky. Knead ball on a floured board then divide into 4, shape into balls and let them rest about 15 min.  Then roll each out in a circle shape about ½ inch thick (1 cm).

Fry in a hot pan with 1 tbsp oil (30 ml or more). Cook about 15-20 seconds on each side, it should bubble and have a few brown spots.


In a bowl, mix together 2 eggs with finely chopped onions, tomato, cabbage, salt and pepper.

Fry mixture in oil in a hot skillet – tilting the pan to get the egg to spread out flat about same size as chapati. Flip egg over in one piece, top with chapati, then flip whole thing onto your plate.  Roll up to eat!  

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