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OMB has now fully renovated 6 Libraries in Uganda:

Ekitangaala Transformation High School

Cornerstone Leadership Boys, Nakasongola

Cornerstone Leadership Academy Girls, Matugga

Ekitangaala Primary School

Youth Corps Community Library, Kampala

SOUL Community Library, Jinja

Steps to a Library Renovation:

Step one: assess the Library condition and what needs to be done.

Step two: Training along side Librarian:  to introduce project, why it is important, how it will benefit the school, what the process will look like and what will change.

Train:  all administers of school, teachers separately and students seperately

Step three:  Implement 3 systems: Classification, Circulation and Search.

Stage 1 Evaluation-take an existing nonfunctional ‘library’ (that is really just a book room)- remove every book from the shelves, evaluate its condition (falling apart?), its age (copyright 1976!) and usefulness (picture books in a high school library?). Make a discard/get rid of pile and be firm! clean books, sort into piles according to subject or type of book.

Stage 2- Classification and circulation:  add spine labels and circulation cards

Phase 3- Search and inventory -  develop a search database using the free open source software KOHA, label shelves

Cathy Kreutter, MLS,  Librarian and Teacher

Cathy retired after 26 years as Head Librarian at the International School of Uganda.  Over the course of that time she developed that library from 6000 Primary books with a manual typewriter as the only technology, to a fully automated online library of 26,000 books catering for the 3-18 years olds.  

Cathy knows the following library software:  Alexnadria, Oliver, Follett, Destiny, Koha

Cathy’s teaching included:  Library training to teachers and students, Research/essay skills for gr 4 to 12,  Author studies, and gr. 6 Social studies and English.  

Plot 37, Kololo - Acacia Avenue, Kampala - Uganda


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