Something Old, Something New

For further thought and activities:

1.  Where does this story take place, what is the setting?  Research the country!

2.  How old do you think Joseph and Grandfather were at the beginning of the

story and at the end?  How much time passed in this story?

3. On page 3 can you identify all the people or animals in the village making the

sounds: Tweet, Woof, Clang, Clap, Shout, Splash.

4.  The Weaver Birds at the beginning of the story are normal birds.  At what point

do they start becoming more ‘human like’?  Research Weaver Birds!

5.  The Weaver Birds had a special purpose to the story, what was it?

6.  Can you roll a tire like Joseph?  What is your favorite homemade toy? Make your

own toy!

7.  Do you wear a uniform in your school and take care of it as well as Joseph?

8.  What were all of Joseph’s interests that could not fit into his schoolbag on page 10?

9.  What evidence do you see in Joseph’s life that he has a talent for music and song?

10.  Have you ever packed away a special item and forgotten you had it?  Share your experience.

11.  What do these sayings mean: ‘Education is sweeter than honey’ and ‘Education is something no one can take from you’.  Make these signs and hang them in your classroom or home.

12.  The Old Mzee is hidden in every one of my books; have you found him in this story?

13.  Joseph and his Grandfather live in the same village and can visit, are you able to visit your grandparents?

14.  Joseph was sad he lost his cap and felt he disappointed his grandfather.  Have you ever felt like you disappointed someone? Could you relate to Joseph on page 22? Share your experience.

15.  Joseph was brave and went to grandfather to tell the truth that he lost the cap.  Think of a time when you had courage to tell the truth.

16.  How is this book about recycling?  What can we do to recycle?

17.  This book is also about having an idea and creating something.  Where do you get your ideas from and how do you make something to represent your ideas?

18.  Can you name any of the traditional instruments on page 25 and 26?  

19.  A song that tells a story is called a ballad.  Do you know any other ballads? Research ballads!

20.  Learn the song and enjoy the book again!

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