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The launch of the 1, 2, 3 Good Morning! Book in Gulu at the Gulu book fare in September 2019

March 30 2020

International School of Uganda Author visit

April Library training with Enjuba and African Library Project

March 12 2020

Uganda DEAR day

March 6 2020

Ambrosoli International school Author visit

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Mic Drop & Book Club Sessions with Khumbulani Muleya talks to Cathy Kreutter, an author of Children's literature from Uganda as well as Malawian poet Ndongolera Mwangupili.

- Featuring children's book reading session

Off the menu Book Club Sessions

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Illustrators- Tell Your Story and Build Your Career as an Artist!

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Plot 37, Kololo - Acacia Avenue, Kampala - Uganda


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Show Notes

The sound of footsteps take us through the corridors of New Vision through Pike house to meet Cathy Kreutter, a 66 year old book editor and writer dressed in blue light jacket and cowboy Texas jeans.

She has published over seven books at the Ugandan New Vision printing and publishing commercial section and has lived in Uganda long enough to see three governments.

For a decade Kreutter has praised the team effort and diligent illustrators for enabling her win six awards for one of her books called 'Something old , something new'.

New Vision Podcast

Why a 'mzungu' published award-winning books in Uganda - Monday, October 30, 2023

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