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In 2014, Nyana Kakoma, a writer and blogger, was motivated to start a blog that would showcase Ugandan writers and Ugandan literature. A writer herself, she was concerned that the story about Uganda, in and out of Uganda, was limited to a narrative that most Ugandans could not relate to, or take pride in. In May, 2014, Nyana started publishing Ugandan short stories poems, folk tales, book reviews and event reviews

After an Internship with Modjaji Books in South Africa, Nyana was convinced that the blog was ready to turn into a publishing house. The main motivation being a lack of quality and diverse Uganda books on the market. Fuelled by the hunger for "good books with our names in and on them",

Sooo many stories was officially registered as a publishing house.


The Oasis book project

We are...a non-denominational organisation that distributes English-based books, written by local authors about African-specific issues to Ugandan children, their schools and their families.


To better the reading and writing culture in Uganda by fostering local authors and providing Ugandan children with educative, entertaining and relevant stories.


Malaika Childrens mobile library

In Kampala, Uganda, Rosey Sembataya has started the Malaika Mobile Library to help bridge the gap between children and books. Her team drives motorbike taxis to the houses of children who want books throughout Uganda. She charges a small annual fee, and each child in the program gets to borrow three books per week.


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Cornerstone Development

Cornerstone Development is among the longest running youth leadership development initiatives in Africa. Established in 1988, we have had a track record of consistent success over the years with schools ranking among the top in each respective country we work in, with graduates inspiring, influencing, and impacting in nearly every sector of society - earning our work a highly respected reputation across the region.

All our programs are directed toward helping under-privileged young people - with a special focus on youth leadership development. Since our inception, the work has steadily expanded to include over 2,000 young people today- in a variety of programs including schools, homes for homeless kids, sports programs - all designed for providing love, education and character formation.

Our various programs are managed by nationals while Tim Kreutter (who grew up in Africa and has lived here most of his life) continues to serve as the overall director. The total number of staff members is around 250 through out East Africa.

Because so many of our young people have come from broken homes or lacked strong family support - we have taken on an organizational culture that can best be described as a big “family of friends.” And, this means we see relationships as primary and tasks as secondary. In other words - what we do flows out of who we are.


BigRock International - Uganda

BigRock International - Uganda is a Media & Financial Technology company. The work that we are  doing with OldMzeeBooks is Webdesign and Graphic design. The combination of Media & Financial Technology has been a long term goal of BigRock International Uganda and now, moving in the direction of Financial Technology, we are working with many people in Uganda to demystify the financial markets an their benefits.

READ for Life

'We believe that equipped and inspired teachers can change the story of Ugandan schools! And schools that are currently dominated by rote memorization, where 70% of grade 3-7 children cannot read a grade 2 English story, can become places of literacy, creativity, and critical thinking."


To ensure that the children of Uganda learn to read and write in the early years of their education, READ for Life aims to improve literacy instruction in Ugandan classrooms

Plot 37, Kololo - Acacia Avenue, Kampala - Uganda


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