A, B, C Surprise!

Activities for Teachers and Parents:

This is a book about the sequence of the alphabet, learning to recognize letters, and the sound the letter makes. The child should be taught that every letter has a ‘voice’ or a sound that it makes.  The sentences in this book use the English sound.

The book has both upper case and lower case letters so your child can find the letters in the sentence.  

This book is also about children appreciating their teachers.

1.  Read the book with the child, ask what they think will happen.

2.  Have the child point out the objects from the sentence read.

3.  Have the child find the other objects on the page that have the same letter sound.

4.  Tell the child that every letter has a 'voice' which is it's sound.

5.   Practice with the child making the sounds of the letters.

6.   Ask the child if they know any other person as the character names in the story.  

7. The story is focused on common objects a child would see.  Is it the same or different from your student's homes?

8.  Enjoy reading the book in a non-academic way and have the child interact with the page by pointing on the page.

9. The last page does not have any character names or object names.  The child can find an object and match the character and remember the name because it will start with the same sound!

10. Learning the sequence of the alphabet is an important basis for knowing "alphabetical order".  This skill is necessary when using a dictionary,  searching online. An adult should know how to alphabetize to the third letter of a word.

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