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Activities for Teachers and Parents:

This is a book about counting, sequencing and a child’s day.

The book counts forward and then backward. The book counts forward for the first half of the day and backwards for the second half of day. When children learn to count backward, they begin to explore the mathematical concept of subtraction.

The book is also about sequencing and moving through a child’s day. Sequencing is a very important concept for children to develop since it allows children to recognize patterns that make the world more understandable and predictable.  Ordering, sequencing, and patterning are important foundational skills for mathematics.

1.  On top of page, read the number first and then the object or action.

2.  Ask the children what is happening in the picture, then read the sentence on the bottom.

3.  Have the children involved with the reading by pointing to objects or actions and counting them.

4.  Talk about the difference between an object and an action.

5.  Ask children what work they are responsible for at home.

6.  Look for the clocks or Jajja’s watch in the book and ask children what time they do those activities.

7.  The book is focused on common objects and activities in a Ugandan home.  Is it the same or different than your student’s homes.

8.  Have you been able to identify which characters are Tito, Pipi, Cheche and Kiki?

9.  Make a timeline with children about their own days.

10.   Enjoy the book in a non-academic way by taking turns reading the top and bottom of the page.

11.  Discuss what is a pair, which items in the book can be counted in pairs (twins, shoes and slippers)

12.  The children walk in groups or sets of 3’s, count how 3 x 3 = 9 Discuss sets.

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